• 62nd, 446th Airlift Wings support science

    In conjunction with the 446th Airlift Wing, the 62nd Operations Group kicked off the 2017-2018 season of Operation DEEP FREEZE (ODF), a mission offering unparalleled Department of Defense support to the National Science Foundation (NSF)-managed U.S. Antarctic Program, with operations that began in

  • Heroic cop joins Rainier Wing

    Before he signed up to become a member of the 446th Security Forces Squadron in April, Staff Sgt. Daniel Aguirre, 446th SFS fire team leader, was serving as an officer in the Seattle Police Department where he still serves today. During the course of his duty as a police officer earlier this year

  • Family Readiness pays it forward

    The 446th Airlift ‘Rainier’ Wing Family and Airman Readiness is gearing up for the holiday season and is in the highly capable hands of a new director.   As the new Family and Airman Readiness director, Jill Marconi brings an extra special toolbox of skills to enhance the quality of life for

  • Quest to score 100

    More than ever, physical fitness is a focal point for Airman readiness across the U.S. Air Force. One Airman from the ‘Rainier”Wing’ in particular is making it his personal mission to help as many Reserve Citizen Airmen as possible improve their physical fitness.

  • Training before boot camp

    The 446th Airlift Wing’s Development and Training Flight on Joint Base Lewis-McChord plays an integral role in shaping the future of the Air Force.

  • A calm in the storm

    Colonel Cheryl Knight, commander of the 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA, was deployed at Bagram during a particularly tragic span that oversaw the crash of a C-130 Hercules that took off from Bagram and killed 14 people at Jalalabad Airport in October of 2015

  • Flying in safe hands

    Piloting 34 missions safely to the Antarctic, Lt. Col. JW Smith, 728th Airlift Squadron, also holds Air Mobility Command’s safety flying hour record of 17,753.5 flying hours, or nearly two years in the air, without any severe safety mishaps.

  • Dolphins deploy with Rainier Wing

    The 446th Airlift 'Rainier' Wing transported four dolphins from the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program (NMMP) from San Diego to Key West, Florida.

  • From homeless dropout to Citizen Airman

    Senior Airman Troy Serad, an engineering assistant assigned to the 446th Civil Engineer Squadron, shares his story about finding success despite the odds against him.

  • Skills Lab provides Reservists opportunity

    For many Reserve medical technicians, completing the required training can be an overwhelming task. From checking a patient's vital signs to performing life saving measures, staying proficient is a must.

  • A new breed of Patriot

    As American influence continues to expand globally, the traditional concept of patriotism takes on a broader definition. The true essence of an American patriot is no longer anchored by birthright. This is perhaps most evident within the military, where in recent years an influx of legal immigrants

  • Chief Master Sgt. Victor Hugo: Earning the uniform

    Retired Chief Master Sgt. Victor Hugo, former 446th Military Air Wing command chief, started out his Air Force career in 1951 by attending basic military training at what was then Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio; Texas.In 1951, being three years young, the United States Air Force didn't have

  • Reservist transitions from infantry to divinity

    The 446th Airlift Wing Chaplain Office welcomed a former Soldier as its newest chaplain, Sept. 12, 2015.After serving 12 total years in the Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve, Chaplain (1st Lt.) Karl Heitman stepped away from his green roots to begin a blue career in the Air Force

  • McChord Citizen Airman deployed as BAF's only weapons repairman

    When a M4 rifle or a M2 .50 caliber rifle goes does, there is one Airman responsible for getting the weapons system back into the fight.As Bagram's only small arms weapons repairman, Tech. Sgt. Kevin Beers is responsible for inspecting and repairing weapons for the security forces squadron,