McChord Citizen Airman deployed as BAF's only weapons repairman

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cierra Presentado
  • 455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs
When a M4 rifle or a M2 .50 caliber rifle goes does, there is one Airman responsible for getting the weapons system back into the fight.

As Bagram's only small arms weapons repairman, Tech. Sgt. Kevin Beers is responsible for inspecting and repairing weapons for the security forces squadron, logistics readiness squadron, Marines and all other Coalition units here.

"I repair and inspect all of the weapons here, from my squadron to the logistics readiness squadron which supports the whole base," said Beers, 455th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron combat arms instructor. "With these weapons being used in a combat environment, I'm extra careful when I repair and inspect them."

Previously an Army small arms repairman, Beers decided to do something different with his career. He later joined the Air Force as a C-17 aircraft mechanic. After working that job for a few years he realized he missed his firearms back ground. Beers then cross trained into security forces with the intent to go into combat arms. After attending Combat Arms Training and Maintenance school, Beers became a combat arms instructor.

"I enjoyed my time in the Army as well as being an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force, but I really enjoy working with firearms so I knew I wanted to switch jobs and that's what I did," Beers said. "Being able to be the only weapons repairman here is a great experience."

Beers' repairs numerous weapons throughout the week. With U.S. and coalition partners conducting missions outside the wire, he always makes sure their heavy weapons operate safely and function properly.

"In this combat zone, our weapons here are our first line of defense. I need to be able to service everyone's weapons," he said. "If our coalition partners go on an outside-the-wire mission and their .50 caliber goes down, I make sure I get it back up and running and we make sure the mission happens."

Beers credits his team for helping him successfully perform his job.

"I couldn't do my job properly without the support and help of my supervisor Master Sgt. John Grazioso. Not only do I count on him as the sole liaison for the logistics side of my operation, but also for help with my job as a second set of hands," he said. "I have also relied on Tech. Sgt. Gerald Currie and Staff Sgt. Darryl Worthey and Brandee Hahn in the same manner."

Along with being the sole weapons repairman, Beers juggles many other responsibilities that include conducting range operations, serving as an ammunition custodian and unit explosive safety representative. If that isn't enough to fill his days, he is also the primary computer representative for his unit which entails paperwork, accountability and picking up computers and communications equipment.

So far on his deployment here, Beers has worked on over 900 weapons. Also, he and his team have removed over 2.5 tons of equipment as part of retrograde operations here at BAF which was managed and overseen by Master Sgt. John Grazioso.

With the current drawdown of forces at Bagram, Beers will maintain the position as BAF's only weapons repairman until the end of his tour.

"I take pride in my work. I make sure to slow down a few notches so I can make sure the job is done correctly since these weapons are going into combat," he said. "I love my job and rest assured I know that when these weapons go out that they were repaired by me, inspected by me and I know the job was done to standard."