• June 29, 1965: Astronaut Engle Breaks X-15 Record

    Captain Joseph Engle reached 280,600 feet (53 miles) in the X-15 No. 3, becoming the third Air Force winged astronaut, the youngest pilot, and the first civilian to receive astronaut wings. He went on to fly two other X-15 flights that would have qualified him for this honor.The North American

  • Yellow Ribbon participants lean on all types of support

    When Capt. Kristin Broullire’s husband couldn’t attend the February Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event in Denver, she didn’t despair.Her brother, David Espiau, was right there by her side.Broullire, a C-130 Hercules pilot from the 731st Airlift Squadron at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado,

  • The Rise of a Loadmaster

    The powerful vibrations of four engines propelling a 282,400 pound aircraft several miles above the ground hum across the cargo bay of a C-17 Globemaster III on its way to drop off much needed cargo.Two pilots sit upstairs in the flight deck guiding the C-17 through the sky while another two rest

  • 627 SFS attack their mission at JBLM

    Many Airmen stationed here may not have much information or knowledge about the 627th Security Forces Squadron’s (SFS) mission at McChord Field.It has three mission sets: defend the JBLM flight lines, protect aircraft in austere environments through the Phoenix Raven program and instruct Airmen on

  • AF3: Guiding Where We Are Going Without Forgetting Who We Are

    Recently approved by Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, chief of the Air Force Reserve and commander of Air Force Reserve Command, the concepts of the Air Force Reserve Future Force Framework, AF3, serve as a guidepost to develop the Air Force Reserve of 2035 and beyond.

  • A life well lived

    As the sun dances across the room, glaring off the origami hanging from the ceiling, Dennis Provencher looks upon his framed photo and world record certificate of recognition with pride while explaining to the service members how and why he earned it.

  • Transfer of Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits Deadline Upcoming

    Previously there were no restrictions on when a service member could transfer educational benefits to their family members, provided they could obtain retainability. In July 2018, the Department of Defense made a change that states in part “eligibility to transfer those [Post-9/11 GI Bill] benefits

  • Senior leaders salute Yellow Ribbon Program

    ORLANDO, Fla. — The Air Force Reserve’s top senior enlisted leader regrets not bringing his wife and daughter to Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program training before he deployed to Southwest Asia in 2013."I missed the boat,” Chief Master Sgt. Timothy White said Sept. 28 at a Yellow Ribbon event in

  • McChord Airmen boost American Embassy in Jordan

    In a small non-descript building on a Royal Jordanian Air Force flight line sits a vital piece of American diplomacy. Inside, three Airmen work with Akram Al Ramone, a Jordanian who works as Lead Foreign Service National, Port Ops, for the U.S. State Department and splits his time between an office

  • Overcoming domestic violence: A story of resilience

    As a little boy, the Airman watched, terrified, as his father shoved his mother against a wall, screaming in her face. The angry shouts became muffled as he cupped his tiny hands around his ears in an attempt to escape the horror. But, for the longest time, he could not escape it.