• Anything Moms Can Do, Dads Can Too

    When a stay-at-home parent is mentioned, it’s easy to imagine a mom manning the home front, armed with snacks and cleaning supplies, ready to fight off germs, clutter and toddler chaos. This misconception can be especially abundant in military families where many may think of the man being the one

  • Coming to America: Refugee becomes Airman

    Nineteen years and about 6, 000 miles ago, a 9-yr old girl and her mother, speaking only French and broken English, fled a small village in Liberia, in the midst of a tumultuous civil war and trekked to the United States. With no documents, not even a birth certificate, the two left behind a life of

  • Beyond Endurance: Keeping Airmen Safe in the Most Inhospitable Place on Earth

    In 1914, when the ill-fated crew of the ship Endurance attempted the first land crossing of Antarctica, Sir Ernest Shackleton wrote, “We were helpless intruders in a strange world, our lives dependent upon the play of grim elementary forces that made a mock of our puny efforts.”More than 100 years

  • Fly away mission enhances readiness

    Reserve Citizen Airmen from the 313th Airlift Squadron recently ran two separate slates of readiness exercises in Puerto Rico in a fly away mission. The remote location and relative lack of familiar infrastructure helped to simulate operations in a deployed environment.

  • Achieving aspirations to fly

    Growing up near an Air Force base inspired one Reserve Citizen Airman to fly, and to continue to support his local high school. A graduate from Bethel High School, located in Spanaway, Wash., Staff Sgt. Zack Epperson, 313th Airlift Squadron loadmaster, volunteers at his former JROTC unit while

  • Generations committed to service

    The Kallinen family unlike many families. While many families gather over the dinner table to enjoy time together, the Kallinen family gathers every month for Unit Training Assembly at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

  • Resurrecting Voices of McChord

    Reserve Citizen Airmen at the 446th Airlift Wing resurrected the Voices of McChord. Voices of McChord performs at various venues including wing award banquets, retirements and change of command ceremonies.

  • Operation Ham Grenade explodes with cheer

    The 9th Annual Operation Ham Grenade brought 20 local community members and volunteers dressed up as elves and Santa’s helpers to deliver complimentary hams to Reserve Citizen Airmen.

  • Deployed Airmen discover spiritual fortitude

    Leaving for or returning from a deployment can challenge the resiliency of 62nd Airlift Wing Airmen. They have to say goodbye to their families and friends and be a part from them for a considerable amount time. Then, when they return, they could have undergone times of great stress during their

  • Reservists take mission from air to sea

    Airmen and soldiers from JBLM got to tour the USNS Mercy while praticing important skills needed to provide medical treatment to patients during a crisis.

  • Youth aviation event sparks new energy

    A pilot with the 313th Airlift Squadron, experienced “both sides of his professional careers melting together” when he landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for the 10th annual Alaska Airlines Aviation Day on May 5, 2018.