• Key Spouses: Unlocking the power of wingmanship

    The reach of a key spouse can change lives. I often get asked “What is the Key Spouse Club?” Hopefully in the future we can eliminate that question from the minds of families across the Air Force. Key spouses are volunteers interviewed and appointed by squadron commanders to act as an extension of squadron leadership to the families in that
  • Stay prepared for life, deployments – “Be O.P.”

    When the phrase “Be O.P.,” (short for Omnia Paratus, which means in all things prepared), was introduced to the 349th Air Mobility Wing as a charge, we had a choice to make.
  • Diversity for Creativity: Deliberately Cultivating Innovation

    As a squadron commander in today’s evolving space enterprise, I am frequently challenged to “push the envelope,” “go fast,” “think big,” and “drive innovation.” But how do you balance speed and lofty thoughts while pointing toward innovation? One key: building diverse teams.Developing creative solutions to emerging problems is exciting business!
  • Watching out for lost wingmen

    I make it a point to ask, remind and encourage everyone to take care of the people around them, in the squadron and in the wing. That is part of being a good wingman. But, there’s another part to being a good wingman. In the flying community there is a term called lost wingman. That call is made when the wingman loses sight or contact with the lead. The call is made because it’s a serious safety of flight issue to be lost or out of contact. The procedure is to change your direction for a short period of time and then get back into contact and back on heading. There is no shame in calling lost wingman.
  • Mentorship program seeks volunteers

    Every Airman at the Rainier Wing will have the opportunity to enhance their career through mentorship. During our offsite Strategic Alignment and Deployment event held in August 2018, your leadership decided it was important for our wing to develop a robust mentorship program. I invite anyone who is interested in becoming a mentor to let your
  • Continuing the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    A commentary on Martin Luther King Day and how his ideals on diversity make the Air Force a more effective force.
  • We can choose resiliency

    Often in my work as the director of psychological health and I encounter Airmen seeking assistance in dealing with major life changes. Some of these changes include divorce, medical issues, financial issues and unwanted career changes like medical board separations and retirements.Typically, in these situations Airmen can see themselves as “broken”
  • Turning fitness into a privilege

    Col. Sean P. Pierce, 446th Airlift Wing commander, discusses his re-invigoration of fitness for June's Men's Health Month.
  • Rainier Wing is postured for a very positive future

    Notes on Col. McLaughlin's time spent with the Rainier Wing.