• Continuing the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    A commentary on Martin Luther King Day and how his ideals on diversity make the Air Force a more effective force.
  • We can choose resiliency

    Often in my work as the director of psychological health and I encounter Airmen seeking assistance in dealing with major life changes. Some of these changes include divorce, medical issues, financial issues and unwanted career changes like medical board separations and retirements.Typically, in these situations Airmen can see themselves as “broken”
  • Turning fitness into a privilege

    Col. Sean P. Pierce, 446th Airlift Wing commander, discusses his re-invigoration of fitness for June's Men's Health Month.
  • Rainier Wing is postured for a very positive future

    Notes on Col. McLaughlin's time spent with the Rainier Wing.
  • Knowing the rules before you post: a social media guide for personal accounts

    Finding a work life balance is critical and at the end of the day we all have an identity that extends beyond the uniform that we wear. Often we enjoy sharing who we are with friends and family through the use of social media, but how much information is too much and where is the line between personal identity and misrepresentation? While there is
  • National Suicide Prevention Week

    National Suicide Prevention Week is Sept. 10-16. Our Air Force Reserve mission is to provide combat-ready forces to fly, fight and win. We know our reservists constantly and consistently train to be mission ready -- ensuring their own knowledge, skills and abilities and then combining them with team training to be successful in battle. However, not all battles are fought on the battlefield, and sometimes we keep our battles to ourselves -- a practice that in and of itself, can be part of an individual’s challenge. Why?
  • Rainier Wing ramping up speaking engagements

    A Speakers Bureau is essentially a roster of volunteers from the wing that Public Affairs can pull from to arrange speaking engagements with community organizations. The Public Affairs office often gets requests from groups interested in learning more about the jobs Rainier Wing Airmen perform.
  • Time is of the essence for Air Force warfighters

    Our squadrons are doing things to make our Air Force better, safer and more efficient at the tactical level.
  • Your readiness supports JBLM’s base-wide mission

    You’re one of the 40,000 service members and 14,000 civilian employees who make Joint Base Lewis-McChord and its important operational missions the unqualified successes they are.
  • Employer Orientation Day Aims to Educate

    The 446th Airlift Wing's Employer Day is Saturday, June 3, 2017.