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  • Time is of the essence for Air Force warfighters

    Our squadrons are doing things to make our Air Force better, safer and more efficient at the tactical level.
  • Your readiness supports JBLM’s base-wide mission

    You’re one of the 40,000 service members and 14,000 civilian employees who make Joint Base Lewis-McChord and its important operational missions the unqualified successes they are.
  • Employer Orientation Day Aims to Educate

    The 446th Airlift Wing's Employer Day is Saturday, June 3, 2017.
  • Farewell RODEO, Welcome Exercise Mobility Guardian

    For many years Air Mobility Command was proud to host the AMC RODEO—an international competition meant to showcase our collective Mobility Air Force skillsets in an atmosphere of friendly rivalry and esprit d ’corps.  RODEO was always a popular event, and did well to further build relationships and international partnerships while motivating units
  • Jimmy Stewart: True American Patriot

    Jimmy Stewart once said, “What’s wrong with wanting to fight for your country? Why are people reluctant to use the word patriotism?”
  • No fight should be fought alone, especially loneliness

    In my family, Christmas time has always represented happiness, togetherness and caring for one another. In the warm embrace of our loved ones, we treasured what we had in our lives and tried our best to show our compassion for each other by spending time and sharing gifts with one another.
  • A Counsellor's Thoughts on Suicide Prevention Month

    The Air Force is not immune to the causes of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. People commit suicide for a number of reasons including feelings of hopelessness, guilt, or overwhelming stress or sadness. At times, a suicide attempt is an impulsive gesture following a stressful incident that is perceived as being insurmountable.
  • Leading fearlessly and openly

    Col. Scott L. McLaughlin, 446th Airlift Wing Commander, writes about how much the military has changed regarding diversity and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) inclusion among our armed forces.
  • The Air Force Reserve: A heritage of innovation

    Col. Scott L. McLaughlin, 446th Airlift Wing commander, discusses his recent Capitol Hill Visit along with how the Rainier Wing is employing innovation to improve wing operations.
  • The ‘Dirty Dozen’: what it means to serve as a Reservist

    When I was the spouse of a Reservist (which was the better part of my five years of marriage), I didn't get it. My husband would work his normal work week, then square away his uniform on Friday night for drill on Saturday and Sunday. Come Monday morning, he was back at work, and I had no concept of the toll it took - until I became a Reservist