• Be a part of the change

    It’s a fact. The AEDC Commander has promised to study a new DOD organization structure and that the results of that study will be rolled out in May of this year.The purpose of the change is to better support our National Defense Strategy, or NDS, by realigning to a Wing-Group-Squadron organization. Division Leadership and the Command Section have
  • Cyber-attack security – helpful tips, safe tricks

    While cyber-attacks are always happening and tensions are on the rise, everyone needs to keep in mind the best practices to counteract these types of measures in their daily duties. Individuals frequently tell themselves, “it can’t happen to me.” However, statistically, this is not the case. Below are a few ways users can minimize their own vulnerability from phishing or spam emails, which is one of those most common methods of compromise.
  • Air Force Leaders’ Resilience: “Who is checking-in on us?”

    Air Force Magazine recently reported that during 2019, the U.S. Air Force experienced an increase in suicide rates across the service. As leaders, we are challenged with facing this number one enemy. As Airmen, we hear the term, “resiliency” constantly. Leaders at all levels preach the message of taking steps towards resiliency to our Airmen, but I know many are still asking what resiliency truly is and why we have to keep talking about it. Air Force Maj. Gen. Allan Day, director of logistics operations for the Defense Logistics Agency, recently spoke to the Logistics Officer Association Lighting Chapter at MacDill AFB to share his candid thoughts about resiliency.
  • January Fitness Tips

    1. Be ConsistentHave an idea of what you want to do in the gym or a cycle class commit and don’t look back.  Studies show us that anything you do for 30 days you can make a habit. That’s a win-win if that 30 day habit is a healthy habit! 2. Follow an Effective Exercise Routine Strength training. Even 20 minutes a day, twice a week will help tone
  • One decision—terrible consequences –moving forward

    Have you ever wished you could change something you did in your past? If you had the ability to do so, what would it be and why?
  • 10 Ways to Keep the Year End Tax Turkey at Bay While Enlisted in the Military

    The first decision an Airman should make is to decide whether itemizing still makes sense for you. If you are a business owner, there are a number of legitimate ways to transfer business-related income.
  • Strengthening Your Team, Supporting Your Family

    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,Being part of an outstanding team is an amazing feeling. I am honored to be a part of this incredible Air Force Reserve team. You, our Airmen, are highly skilled individuals, and your abilities are magnified when you work as a team. A strong team can accomplish nearly anything.I’ve witnessed the achievements of many
  • Investing in Resiliency

    A family member commits suicide; your friend gets grievously injured; you have to put your dog down. What if they all happened to you within the same month? My family experienced all of those things in August of this year. I want to share with you how we invested in our resilience before those things happened, and how we responded when the investments weren’t enough to overcome those challenges.
  • Excuse me... may I have some help?

    Inner strength is great but it's not the only strength there is. There is also strength in numbers.
  • Resiliency begins with good psychological health

    In these times of uncertainty and constant change Airmen may find themselves struggling to find the resiliency to cope with all that is unfolding before them. Resiliency is how we “bounce back” from a difficult situation.