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  • Reservists provide critical care in the air

    Providing medical care while moving very ill patients over long distances in a short period of time, is the skill being practiced by three Air Force Reserve Airmen as they take part in Pacific Lifeline. A doctor, a nurse, and a respiratory therapist from the 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron are

  • Command cell provides exercise control for aeromedical mission

    Six Reservists from the 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron are participating in the Pacific Lifeline exercise in Hawaii Jan. 26 to Feb. 9. Pacific Lifeline is a total force exercise designed to exercise the military's ability to rapidly arrive and leave a trained, equipped team anywhere in the

  • Pacific Lifeline provides ALCF crucial training

    The fourteen Reservists supporting Pacific Lifeline as part of the 446th Airlift Control Flight package couldn't ask for a sweeter deal. For one, there's the exercise location - Hawaii. After being deprived of sunlight for months in the notoriously gray Pacific Northwest winter, any chance to head

  • PIT crew brings realism to Pacific Lifeline exercise

    Airmen from the 446th Aerospace Medicine Squadron and 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron aren't being graded on the test, but their work impacts those involved with the Pacific Lifeline exercise. Known as the PIT crew, 16 Reservists from McChord are adding realism to the training provided in Pacific

  • Exercise support includes handling personnel issues

    Anyone who has deployed before can tell you that in the hustle and bustle of contingency operations, personnel issues can become a bit convoluted. So, even with the participants of Pacific Lifeline corralled on an island, it would be expected that a few Airmen might still get lost - at least in the

  • Salutes

    Promotions Senior Master Sergeant Patricia Kawaa, 446th ASTS Laura Nepute, 446th AES Doug VanWoudenberg, 446th AMXS Joseph Zebroski, 446th MXS Master Sergeant John Broome, 446th AMXS Ariel Casal, 446th AMXS Peter Duban, 86th APS James Grinnell, 446th AES Randy Pantle, 86th APS Technical Sergeant

  • CES Reservists train at Silver Flag

    Twenty-eight Airmen from the 446th Civil Engineer Squadron expanded their wartime skills in Florida Jan. 6-11 while participating in the exercise Silver Flag at Tyndall Air Force Base. Silver Flag is a wartime training scenario hosted by Detachment 1, 823rd "Red Horse" Civil Engineer Squadron. The

  • Inspectors give wing green light

    The 446th Airlift Wing sailed through the UCI, passing through mostly green lights, slowing down for some yellow, and stopping at only a few red. Overall, the Air Force Reserve Command Inspector General Team gave the McChord home team a glowing review for its ability to comply with DOD, Air Force,

  • Saving lives in the Pacific

    More than 140 Reservists with the 446th Airlift Wing are participating in the Pacific Lifeline exercise in Hawaii Jan. 26 to Feb. 9. Of the squadrons from the wing participating, the 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron leads the pack with 84 people. The 446th Aeromedical Staging Squadron, 446th

  • Season training allows for faster upgrade

    Reserve Airmen can now upgrade to the next skill level in their career field faster by enrolling in the season training program. Reservists, while serving on active-duty orders, get hands on training in a focused period of time with the seasoning training program, rather than trying to upgrade over

  • C-17 airdrops new engine to stranded boat

    Six days without power in the middle of a sea of ice came to an end after a C-17 Globemaster flown by Reserve and active-duty Airmen airdropped a new engine and critical supplies to a stranded fishing trawler. The aircrew airdropped an engine part weighing approximately 150 pounds, measuring 15 feet

  • Correct military records online

    Air Force Reservists now have the ability to request corrections to their military service record online, anytime. Recent changes to the virtual Personnel Center for Guard and Reserve will make it easy for Reservists to take matters into their own hands when it comes to challenging discrepancies in

  • New fuel takes C-17 cross country

    On Dec. 17, a blended aircrew from McChord's 62nd Airlift Wing and the 446th Airlift Wing flew a C-17 Globemaster III to McGuire AFB, N.J. on a 50/50 blend of synthetic fuel and JP-8, traditional jet fuel. Eight Reservists were on the flight, including a pilot, loadmaster, and aeromedical evacuation

  • Promotion policies change Jan. 1

    Changes to enlisted policies will soon affect the way Reservists at McChord AFB and throughout the command get promoted. Air Force Reserve leaders announced eight policy changes taking effect Jan 1. Officials from the 446th Mission Support Squadron's career enhancement office recommend Reservists