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  • Crew chiefs vital to aircraft dispatch

    At 0720 hours, the large open room begins filling with Airmen - roll call. The Airmen hear about the plan for the day, learn about activities they can volunteer for such as charities or fund raisers, and get their daily safety briefing and assignments before dispersing to go about their duties. So

  • Salutes

    Promotions Master Sergeant Rodney Fernandez, 86th AS Monica Forrest, 446th AMDS Technical Sergeant Juan Colon, 446th SVF Richard Gerren, 36th APSChad Gloor, 446th MXSStephanie Maiuri, 446th OSF Michael Peters, 313th AS Clifford Sutton, 86th AS Staff Sergeant Amy Anderson, 86th APS Lacrecia Clark,

  • Process for travel settlements changes

    The travel settlement process Reservists are familiar with is changing. No longer can travel vouchers be faxed to 62nd Comptroller Squadron's travel pay section. They must now be dropped off in a box at the finance self-help station. And, there are new methods for what to submit, how the voucher

  • EMS keeps Reservists safe, in touch

    Shower. Press uniform. Brush teeth. Grab latté. Drive 45 minutes on Interstate-5 on iced roads, with stomach turning nerves. Finally, arriving to sign-in for the weekend and, "What!? I didn't know there was a two-hour delay, why didn't anyone call me?" Has this ever happened to you? In any

  • Career workshop set for May 5-6

    Reserve enlisted and junior officers are invited to the 446th Airlift Wing career workshop May 5-6 in Hangar 9 here. Registration forms are available on the 446th AW SharePoint page. Registration ends April 20. Dress code for the workshop is the uniform of the day. The workshop gives Reservists an

  • Airmen have no excuse for GTC misuse.

    Searching for fallacies in the math, holes in the numbers and keeping financial paperwork in order is the purview of the 446th Airlift Wing's financial management office. They also keep tabs on how Reservists use their government travel cards and how accurately they file their travel vouchers. Both

  • Reserve command commits to European, African areas of operation

    In a coordinated effort between U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Air Mobility Command and the Air Force Reserve Command, USAFE will now have two dedicated C-17s that can provide direct support for strategic airlift requirements in the European and African areas of operation, as well as other world wide

  • SERE 100 training mandatory for all Airmen

    All Airmen are required to have the Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape 100 computer-based training course finished by June 30. It is required to be taken every 20 months from then on. As the war on terror progresses, all Airmen are vulnerable to harrowing situations. "As we've seen recently, the

  • Sixty years of evolution gives us today's Air Force Reserve

    Last year the Air Force celebrated its 60th Anniversary as a separate service. This year, the Air Force Reserve gets its place in the spotlight, celebrating its 60th birthday. Air Force Reserve is used to being the "sidekick" to its active duty big brother. But the presence of the AFRC Reservist in

  • Airlift control Airmen set the stage for operations

    Of the 12 Reservists in nine specialties from the 446th Airlift Control Flight, not one of them could evacuate an injured citizen to a waiting hospital. Then again, nobody could without the help of these 12 Airmen, who participated in Pacific Lifeline Jan. 26 to Feb. 9. Pacific Lifeline is a

  • First sergeants offer helping hands during exercise

    They are the go-to person for every Airman. Some days they are disciplinarians; on others they are an Airman's best friend. They help Airmen get through deployments. This deployment is a humanitarian assistance disaster response exercise dubbed, Pacific Lifeline, that began Jan. 26 and ends Feb. 9

  • Contingency medical facility pit stop for wounded

    It's different mix of functions - care providers, travel agents, hospital logisticians and mental health providers. Simply put, the Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility is a one-stop place for wounded military waiting to leave the combat zone for care in a standard hospital. Working in the CASF