Family support offers array of help

McCHORD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- Reservists and family members alike should be aware the 446th Airlift Wing has a full-time staff to provide personal readiness assistance, as well as a wide variety of information to help both Airmen and their families in any number of situations. 

The 446th Mission Support Squadron Family Readiness Office, located in Bldg. 1207, has resources to assist Reservists with deployment readiness, financial counseling, marital counseling, parenting skills, local-area discounts, resume writing, and employment, to name just a few. 

Look for the family readiness technicians at the Air Force 60th Anniversary picnic Sept. 8, to discuss other available services at McChord. 

The family readiness office's mission is to help Reservists and families adapt to military lifestyle demands, which helps provide commanders with a prepared-to-deploy Airman. The sole reason the family support office exists is to assist Reservists and families with whatever issue and circumstances arise in their lives. 

The 446th MSS Family Support Office was created as a result of the Gulf War. During that conflict, many Air Force Reserve Airmen were activated to defend and remove Iraqi forces from Kuwait. At that time, no one was assisting the family during this long separation. Because families were facing so many issues while their Airman was deployed, the need became clear for a family support offices in Reserve units. 

Many of the family support office's programs can be discussed over the phone, but in the office, there is an abundance of literature and packages Reservists can leave with to assist them in a number of personal issues they are dealing with or want to prepare for.
To reach the office by phone, call 253-982-5330 or toll-free at 888-984-6724, or send an e-mail to Otherwise, visit the director or technicians at the picnic, and check out all the available resources.