• 446th ASTS Reserve Citizen Airmen trade stripes for bars

    In her first deployment as a freshly minted officer, 1st Lt. Melissa D. Boos leaned on her decade-long experience as a civilian nurse and 18 years as an enlisted combat medic to assist with COVID-19 relief efforts in New York City.“It was great to go and use my nursing skills directly,” she said. “I

  • Palmer retires after 25 years

    The morning bell rings, the energy in the classroom buzzes in the air like static electricity. Everyone in the 8th grade earth science class knows what will be in today’s lesson. Today they are discussing our planetary system.In this class is a girl who dreams of seeing the stars as an astronaut.

  • A voice and a seat.

    “You don’t know the anxiety, the despair, the heartache, the fear, the rage and the disappointment that comes with living in this country, OUR country every single day,” wrote Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright in his commentary, “Who Am I?”This sentiment is what Lt. Col.

  • Cybercriminals target military members: How to avoid becoming a victim

    A senior-ranking military member sends you a Facebook request. It looks legitimate. He has an official photo along with other military acquaintances in his network. You accept the request, but little do you know it is a fake profile created by the adversary to collect private, sensitive

  • 446th chapel team launches virtual programs

    Many churches went virtual when the pandemic struck, and the 446th Airlift Wing’s chapel team was no exception.“While I believe there is something special about meeting in-person for encouragement and worship together,” said Chaplain (Maj.) Matthew Wilson, wing chaplain of the 446th AW. “We want

  • 446th AMXS maintains combat readiness through resiliency

    For 446th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron maintainers, readiness means being confident and proficient in their area of responsibility. Typically, the maintainers perform temporary duty travel and enroute flights to receive real world, hands-on training during annual tour, said Maj. Naomi Ballard, a

  • 446th chapel team cares for Reserve Citizen Airmen through food

    The 446th Airlift Wing’s Chaplain Corps supports Reserve Citizen Airmen at the training range here last month.Father (Capt.) Pedro Jimenez Barros, a 446th chaplain, and Tech. Sgt. Allen Jackson, a 446th religious affairs airman, provided 25 meals to 446th Security Forces Squadron members during

  • Commentary: Routine for better fitness

    It’s Sunday morning, the sky is overcast, and it begins to drizzle. Not the best weather for a fitness assessment. The fitness assessment cell airman explains the basics of our running test, and we line up for the start of what we all know will be an uncomfortable run.When we are all prepared, they

  • McChord reservists work through pandemic with hybrid UTAs

    Reservists of the 446th Airlift Wing here continue to hold hybrid in-person and virtual Unit Training Assemblies July 11-14 during COVID-19 pandemic.“As previously mentioned, leaders in all units methodically reviewed all options for the June UTA,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Paul M. Skipworth,

  • 446th medical professionals return home from COVID-19 relief efforts in NYC

    “In the hospital's intensive care unit, whenever a patient was extubated, the hospital would play celebration music,” said Lt. Col. (Dr.) Pen Hou. “We knew then that a patient was likely to have recovered and could be turned to less acuity care. I heard more and more music every day, and one day,

  • Letter to Airmen: Equality and tough conversations

     Team 446th – Many of us watched, read, and listened with horror and dismay about the senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. We are angered and saddened. These deaths should not have happened. There is no place in our society for racism and discrimination--especially in

  • COVID-19: Finding Strength When Filled With Uncertainty

    A few months ago, our lives changed drastically.  While that change was appropriate and necessary, it was not welcomed. The quarantine and social-distancing requirements upended our routines, and uncertainties took hold. In turn, they fueled fears.   Fear is one of the most powerful emotions humans