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  • Reservists prepare for inspection

    Reserve and active duty Airmen here joined forces in a combat airlift mobility exercise Feb. 9-13, in preparation for an upcoming operational readiness inspection. This is the first of three exercises to prepare the 446th and 62nd Airlift Wings for the ORI in October. During the course of the MOBEX,

  • Get your news the green way

    The 446th Associate Press is "going green!" In an era fraught with cell phones smaller than your hand, gigabytes, and wireless Internet, the 446th Associate Press is doing away with a paper form. The newspaper has slowly begun the process of going electronic. Going electronic has many benefits,

  • McChord serves as safe haven for aircraft, Airmen from Alaska

    Airmen here are supporting a precautionary redeployment of Air Force aircraft from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska to McChord. The aircraft and about 200 Airmen who operate and maintain them are being temporarily relocated in light of increased activity associated with Mount Redoubt, a volcano

  • February Salutes

    Promotions Senior Master Sergeant David Derenski, 446th ALCF Thomas Shute, 86th APS Master Sergeant Michael Burris, 86th APS Robewrt Falkowski, 728th AS Frank Jensen, 446th AMXS James Moneyhun, 446th AW James Olsen, 446th AMXS Steven Thomas, 446th MSS Technical Sergeant Gregory Abel, 86th APS Todd

  • Wing prepares for operational readiness inspection

    More than 300 Reservists from the 446th Airlift Wing are gearing up for the Oct 25-Nov.1 operational readiness inspection, kicking off with a local mobility exercise scheduled for Feb. 9-13 at McChord AFB. The MOBEX is designed to familiarize Reservists with the prospect of working under adverse

  • Aeromedical crews evacuate 750

    In January, eight Reservists from the 446th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron returned home after saving lives in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan, for three months. Just the month prior, eight Reserve medics left McChord AFB to take their place. "We have very seasoned, willing medical professionals who

  • Reserve physicals now less taxing

    For active-duty Air Force members, getting a physical might not be a walk on the beach, but it usually isn't a difficult process. All an active-duty Airman has to do is schedule the exam for a Preventative Health Assessment with his or her provider, show up to the appointment, have the physical

  • January Salutes

    Promotions Master Sergeant Richard Reed, 446th CES Michael Silva, 446th AMXS Franky Valentin, 446th AMDS Technical Sergeant Jennifer Baker, 446th AMDS Rebeca Forgey, 446th CES Albert Malave, 446th AES Matthew McCabe, 446th ASTS Raymond Meyers, 97th AS Staff Sergeant Austin Adams, 446th AMXS Becky

  • 2008: A year in review of success

    The 446th Airlift Wing's past year has been filled with hard work and many accomplishments. Airmen from every career field went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure every task was handled and completed at 110 percent. The flying squadrons kicked off 2008 with international media coverage by