Checks go high-tech at AAFES

  • Published
  • By Chris Ward
  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service
In 2004, a federal law took effect that virtually eliminated the "check float."   While most business took advantage of the Check 21 law, as it was called, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service lagged behind.  Until now.

The check "float" at the BX/PX is going the way of rotary phones and dot matrix printers as the Army & Air Force Exchange Service converts to a paper check conversion system this year.

"PCC scans and instantly converts paper checks into electronic debits to the check writer's account," said Chief Financial Officer Harold Lavender. "This technology has been operational in contingency locations for roughly 10 years now and commercial industry for about five; it's an extremely efficient system."

Roll out of the PCC program began in AAFES continential U.S. locations on March 7 and will be totally implemented in all facilities by June 6. Concurrent rollouts of Pacific and European exchanges will begin early April with complete implementation by June 6.