Yellow Ribbon program gets new director at McChord

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program logo

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program logo

MCCHORD FIELD, Wash. -- The Yellow Ribbon program at McChord Field has a new director as of July 1, 2015. Master Sgt. James Briggs, 446th Airlift Wing, will be taking over the responsibility of coordinating new events and spreading information in regards to the program.

"My job will be to promote the Yellow Ribbon program to all members of the 446th especially those who are in a pre-deployment situation and those returning from deployment," said Briggs.  "Those personnel are eligible to attend Pre & Post Yellow Ribbon Events."

The Yellow Ribbon program was set up to provide a wide variety of support for military deployments.

"The primary purpose is to help the member and their family learn about the benefits and services available to them while they are deployed, and post deployment, to help the family with the reintegration process which can be stressful," said Briggs.

With an array of experience in the military and in related fields, Master Sgt. Briggs will be able to bring his own brand of expertise to the program.

"My civilian job prior to taking this position was as a Facilities Manager for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services," said Briggs. "On the military side I continue to be involved with the Equal Opportunity office of the 446th AW."

Looking to the future Briggs hopes to continue fostering the program's development.

"I'm excited because I can promote one of the best programs ever created for our military members and their families," said Briggs. "Taking care of our airmen before, during and after deployment is what the program is all about."

For more information on the Yellow Ribbon program contact Master Sgt. James Briggs at 253-982-9495 or e-mail at