New FM portal brings transparency to members

  • Published
  • By Maj Candice Allen
  • 446th Airlift Wing

Beginning Feb. 28, 446th Airlift Wing members can now submit questions, upload documents and interact with pay and travel technicians through the Comptroller Services Portal (CSP).

The CSP serves as a one-stop shop for all customer interactions with the 446th Airlift Wing’s Financial Management Office.

“FM will be using CSP to receive, track and communicate with members with regard to all finance inquiries,” said Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Ricks, 446 AW Operation & Maintenance Budget Analyst. “This includes all travel, military pay, civilian pay and selected budget-related transactions and issues.”

CSP enables all 446th Airmen and civilians to submit customer service requests related to military pay, civilian pay (ATAAPS), travel pay as well as AROWS-R and government travel card inquires.

That said, CSP will not replace the way members file travel vouchers in the Defense Travel System or eFinance. 

So, why the change?

“This portal enables tracking, worldwide reach, transparency and accountability,” Ricks said. “The 62nd Airlift Wing’s Comptroller has been using it for over a year and have had positive response.”

With greater transparency, members can now track the progress of their request to FM. Members will automatically receive a notification any time their request has been moved or if the technician requires additional documentation. 

For the member it’s 100-percent transparency. You can upload PII, as the site is secure. Customer service is available all day, every day.

From your couch to deployment, all you need is CAC access to a computer, and you can submit your finance-related inquiry through CSP.

“This will be a change from the way business was done before, please be patient with us,” said Ricks.

To submit a request through CSP, a member must create a profile. You can create your CSP profile via or stop by the 446th FM office.