Know your resource advisors

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Nicole Erb
  • 446th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 446th Airlift Wing Financial Management office here encourages members to consult their unit’s resource advisor (RA) for questions regarding pay and travel vouchers. 

RAs help bridge the gap with all FM-related issues and keep members ready for mobility.

“We like issues to be resolved at the lowest possible level to keep the member in the work center,” said Balinda Cargill, budget analysis and RA assigned to the 446th Maintenance Group. “Spending 10 minutes of office time to help resolve issues for members is far more beneficial than sending them out of the office for an undetermined amount of time.”

Making a resource list or card to distribute to members is one way to communicate the flow of problem solving within the unit before escalating, Cargill said.  

RAs ensure training and relay changes of the processes in FM to shop-level supervisors to keep the information within the chain fluid.

Dave Alcon, budget analysis and RA assigned to the 446th Operations Group, says he has two other workspaces in his office set up for the sole purpose of walking members through their vouchers and pay issues online.
Alcon works closely with FM to problem-solve voucher issues. Reserve Citizen Airmen in the operations group regularly deploy and, for that reason, Alcon has earned the unofficial title of subject matter expert when it comes to filing vouchers in his office.

RAs and supervisors are key to resolving pay and travel issues at the squadron level.  

“Our group is very large and busy, so we count on our supervisors to be the first stop for pay and travel questions from service members,” said Corina Gonzalez King, budget analysis and designated RA assigned to the 446th Mission Support Group. “I am working with FM on a training program to keep supervisors in-the-know about the changes to the processes.”

Members should first consult their chain of command to exhaust as many questions and issues as possible at the squadron level. 

“I think we have done more than usual over the phone and have kept members from having to make an appointment if only to just come in and sign something,” said Staff Sgt. Jon Ricks, budget non-commissioned officer in charge, 446th Airlift Wing’s Financial Management office. “We welcome the phone calls, so we can better direct members and assist in a timely manner.”
For more information or have FM-related concerns, please use the RA contact information listed below:
446th Operations Group Resource Advisor - Dave Alcon, 253-982-0123
446th Maintenance Group Resource Advisor - Balinda Cargill, 253-982-1081
446th Mission Support Group Resource Advisor - Corina Gonzalez, 253-982-9496
446th Financial Management office – 253-982-9118