Season training allows for faster upgrade

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Patrick Cabellon
  • 446th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Reserve Airmen can now upgrade to the next skill level in their career field faster by enrolling in the season training program. 

Reservists, while serving on active-duty orders, get hands on training in a focused period of time with the seasoning training program, rather than trying to upgrade over the course of many Reserve weekends. 

Seasoning training allows 3-skill level Airmen and recent aircrew formal school graduates to voluntarily remain on active duty for training until they upgrade to 5-level through on-the-job training. 

Prior-service Airmen who graduated technical training 3-level school after Oct. 1, 2007, qualify for seasoning training, said Master Sgt. Robin Weiss, 446th Mission Support Squadron, Wing Education and Training. Non-prior Airmen sign up following technical training. 

"The program is available to sign up for anytime as long as the Airman has graduated technical school," said Sergeant Weiss.
At the beginning of each fiscal year, the program is reviewed by Air Force Reserve Command. 

"AFRC will try to cover STP in the budget. If the budget is to tight, AFRC will decrease the amount of days available to an Airman, or the Airman's unit can cover the cost," said Tech. Sgt. Eliezer Yamzon, a unit training advisor with the Wing Education and Training. "If neither AFRC nor the unit can pay, the STP will be pulled until next fiscal year." 

The cost per Airman in the STP is dependent on the technical nature of the AFSC and number of days needed, according to Sergeant Weiss. 

Tech. Sgt. Adam Harrison, maintenance training manager, 446th Maintenance Squadron, points out that critical or very technical AFSCs cost more, but is worth it. 

"It's definitely an asset to the Reserve community," said Sergeant Harrison. "The results have been very good. Sometimes it takes 14 to16 months for some of the new Airmen to get core tasks done. It now takes just three months for core tasks to be completed. This helps Reserve Airmen reach their 5-skill level more quickly." 

More than half of the new Airmen in the maintenance squadrons are going through the seasoning training program. 

"I've been in the program three months now. It definitely helps," said Airman Andrue Morris, an aerospace propulsion journeyman, 446th MXS. "By meeting, talking to, and learning from active duty and Air Force Reserve Technicians," he continued, "you get a better knowledge of what you're doing here." 

For more information on how to sign up, visit the wing education and training office in Bldg. 1205, Room 120.