Civilian employee best in command

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Grant Saylor
  • 446th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
A civilian employee from the 446th Airlift Wing here was recently named the Outstanding Aviation Resource Management Civilian of the Year by Air Force Reserve Command. 

Nancy Puglisi, 97th Airlift Squadron aviation resource management technician, was recognized for her expertise in personnel management, and her improvements to mission readiness and efficiency for the 446th Operations Group. 

"For me, this is a great accomplishment because I love my career field," said Ms. Puglisi.
Ms. Puglisi was given the award for her work as a civilian, but she is also a Reserve captain and the executive officer for the 97th AS operations management team. 

"It's so nice to have someone like Nancy here who really enjoys her job," said Lt. Col. Quinton Glenn, commander of the 97th AS. "She's made things much easier and she has a tremendous work ethic." 

Her latest improvements to the Aviation Resource Management System, used by the 446th OG, were key factors in her nomination and selection for the command-level award. 

For example, Ms. Puglisi was instrumental in the design and implementation of an aircrew mission tracking system known as the Mission Package Generation Program. The program allows each crew member to update his or her currency in a single mission materials binder, and track exactly what was accomplished during a mission.
"It streamlines all the mission-essential data into one binder and one thumb drive so we can upload each crew member's information accurately," said Ms. Puglisi. "That way, a pilot or a loadmaster can easily see who they flew with, what cargo they transported, and when." 

Ms. Puglisi's bosses say the enhanced scheduling and increased efficiency has potentially saved thousands of man hours, and they've taken notice of her ingenuity and hard work. 

"This is a huge product for our group," said Colonel Glenn. "The rest of AFRC is looking to pattern its work after Nancy's. So many people want her expertise now." 

Ms. Puglisi is modest about her recent award and quick to give credit to others. 

"It's a great honor to receive this award, but there are so many great people from the other squadrons here who deserve this kind of recognition," she said.